Student charity football

Feel the opportunity to breathe fully? Hello, offline life😃

6 teams from the student self-government bodies of different free economic zones of Kyiv + 6 hours on the football field + 1 hot day = The first student charity football, wow-competition, which was engraved in the memory for a long time 🎞

As @philip_farmhouse said: "Of course we will write in our media that friendship has won and about the children we will help, but I am sure that every student representation on social networks will show you who is really the best" 😎

USL fully supports the following schedule of events and announces the results of the first stage of the project:

🔘 Team from OSS KNEU 1st place

🔘 Team from OSS IAPM 1st place

🔘 Team from OSS NUBIP 1st place

🔘 Team from OSS KNU 1st place

🔘 Team from OSS NAU 1st place

🔘 Team from OSS NTU 1st place

A special place in the charity tournament was taken by children from the Training and Rehabilitation Center №17.

Sports equipment will be purchased especially for them with the collected funds 👍🏼

We would like to express special gratitude to OSS NMU. O.O. Mantis ☺️

Thanks for the support of the event and the control of the health of the participants, thanks to the excellent medical worker, they became very valuable for everyone who was involved in the competition!

As well as @redbullua for an incredible charge of energy ⚡️ and @jolly_cups_family for cool cups for talented teams🎁