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Start of the autumn stage of the OSS school

"He'll go to the board ..." - do you still remember these words of the mathematician in eccentric glasses? And you sit and hope, if not your last name

However, in the OSS school there is no math, problems at the board and deuces. We promise!

Yesterday was the first day of the OSS School project. It was attended by ambitious representatives of various Ukrainian free economic zones to learn how to improve their student government.

So what was the first day of the OSS School about:

• a lecture on how to be an ideal OSS leader;

• discussion "How to improve your free economic zone";

• seminars on the preparation and implementation of their projects;

• as well as new acquaintances and joint motivation of students.

Congratulations to all participants of the OSS School! Then you will find even more useful lectures and practical tasks

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