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PYSANKA — Charity project for Ukraine

Charity organization “Ukrainian students’ league” is launching the project PYSANKA, which aims to raise funds for the needs of children affected by the war and purchase humanitarian aid and medicines for the frontline areas.

Why Pysanka? This element of Ukrainian culture has long had good magical power and served as a talisman.

More than 50 internally displaced children have already joined our egg-painting workshops in Lviv. We want to distract them from the horrors of war, from the hell they went through. Professional artists and Ukrainian celebrities are also taking part in the charity project.

From these painted eggs we have collected a unique collection of stories that befell these children. We want their grief and pain to never be forgotten, so together with Pysankas, these stories will travel to museums around the world.

How can everyone support the project?

On our website, you will see unique traditional painted eggs created by Ukrainian children and read incredible war stories. You can donate any amount. All raised money will go to support Ukraine. The project will run from April 17 to April 24 on the social networks of Ukrainian students’ league.

Website of the project

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