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Polina, 13 years old, Lysychansk (Luhansk region)

The war for us started with an explosion near our house, we live in the centre. On the day of the war, our mother was leaving work, we didn't know if we would see her again.

The first days our sirens were explosions. Out of fear, we collected all the things in a row, we didn't even think if we would need them. As a result, everyone collected a small bag, we would not take the whole house with us.

At first, it was very scary, but eventually, I got used to it. The corridor became our refuge. We planned to go to Odesa, then we had to be sent to Lutsk, but we would hardly be calmer in those places. We knew that there were also frequent bombings. And already at the station, they learned that we were going to Lviv. We didn't have anyone here…

We have a family of 10 children. I am the oldest. The little ones were very afraid. Children were shaken by the sounds of trains.

They cried all the time. We drove through Kramatorsk and stood there. We were lucky that we did not come under that fire because now the walls of this house would be empty. We spent a few days in Lviv. Previously, we could not leave, if there were fewer of us, we would have left immediately.

There were few people on the train. There was a grandmother and her grandson Vanichka, he was very afraid, he was shaken all the way and he hugged his grandmother all the time.

There was no water at home since March 1, when we got on the train the children were very happy and said: "Wow, there is water here"...

We did not take our dog and kittens with us. They are waiting for us at home. My grandfather stayed with the pets. Until recently, my place of strength was our house, now I don't know if it is still standing.

In Lviv, we are not so scared of the noise. We finally sleep at night.

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