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Christina, 6 years old, Lysychansk (Luhansk region)

Well, I don't remember the exact beginning of the war. But when they fired, we hid under the bed or covered ourselves with blankets and sat in the corridor. We used to make houses out of blankets, but now we hide under them from bullets. When we sat like that, we had one huge blue blanket with stars, we turned on the flashlight and my mother told us fairy tales, we fell asleep on the floor.

In the evening Eugene (brother) prepared for us to eat. My mother came and said that we were leaving the city at night. And so it happened, but the bus on the way broke down and we left the city in the morning. It was a very long trip.

I remember there was a red glow and a loud explosion in the window. I cried with Camila (sister). And then we came here, to Lviv. Here I have 10 friends: Valera, Vanya, Sasha, Olya, Camila, Yana… 7 girls and 3 boys, mom and dad. Oh, this is my family.

I loved to draw at home, but now I don't want it, now I want to go home.

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