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About us. Part ІІІ

Let's get acquainted!

We work in accordance with the Constitution and the Law of Ukraine "On Public Associations".

We are a non-profit association: any proceeds received by the League are used to support student initiatives.

✏️ We strive for a transparent and honest relationship. Each member of the union has the right to request reporting on the cost of pooling resources.

📈We are an independent organization. Each founder, member of the Executive Board, a representative of the OSS ZVO and other participants influence the vector of development of the organization.

🌐We are all different, and this gives different views and guarantees independence from external factors.

✅The formed structure of the union and the vector of development set by the representatives of different free economic zones give us the opportunity to work effectively and interact with various organizations, as well as to be protected from negative influences.

➡️More about the legal details and structure of the organization in the following posts.

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