About us. Part ІІ

We are creating the BEST time - the motto of the League. We create student years, which are the best time of life for everyone. Students are the driving force of the proactive part of society. We want to direct joint student actions to create a better future. Creating a national student platform is the key to forming a developed youth community. Comprehensive support of the ideas and aspirations of each individual will help to improve the life of society as a whole.

Values ​​of USL

Inspirations ✨

By creating new opportunities, we expand everyone's horizons.

We want students to be inspired by new ideas, to go beyond the comfort zone to implement all their initiatives.

Inclusive 🙌

We are open to everyone. Everything we do is available to every student in Ukraine.


We are students who firmly believe in the principles and power of democracy, because we are responsible to the youth, we are inspired by our mission.

Stable 🎯

We are moving towards autonomous implementation of programs and projects with the preservation of the obtained positive results in the long run.

We are institutionalizing the student environment ecosystem.

Enchanting 🎇

We are innovative, ambitious, and help make university life bright and memorable.